For all UK registered Korthals Griffons

There are occasions when we have dogs in need of rehoming, usually through no fault of their own, and we do everything we can to find them a suitable home.  The Club is fortunate to have a highly experienced specialist looking after its rescue and rehoming work.  We appreciate that sometimes circumstances change so if you are seeking a new home for your Korthals Griffon, please get in touch.

There is a tried and tested process for those needing to re-home their dog and for those wishing to adopt one.  The service is funded from donations and funds from those giving up and those receiving a dog.

To find out more you can contact the Club's rescue co-ordinator via email.  You can also request a 'Want to Adopt' form and, if eligible, you will be placed on our re-homing list of candidates.  Every effort is made to find the best match for both dog and new home.  Those wishing to give up their Korthals Griffon can discuss the situation with our co-ordinator before starting the process by requesting a 'Surrender to Rescue' form.

As a small breed club, we try our very best to help and are lucky to have the support of club members and professionals.

"Please donate if you would like to help dogs like me."