The Korthals Griffon is a wonderful breed of dog and may well be the dog for you (also called the Wire haired Pointing Griffons in the USA). It is still quite rare here in the U.K. They are an 'all purpose hunting dog' (Hunt, Point - Retrieve) with very strong instincts and abilities. So if you are not familiar with or have no real experience of hunting dog's --- perhaps choose another breed. They need patience, commitment, gentle perseverance and diligent - proper training and handling (this often includes the owner - no matter how experienced) to get the best out of them. They tend to be gentle and kind with children, toddlers and other animals. They are a 'proper' sporting dog and cover a lot of ground easily and quickly. They need owners with experience along with time and dedication.

They do need a stable and organised life -- and are best suited to a field sportsman/woman as a working dog, but do settle well as a good family dog. Please do not just rely on your eagerness to own one or your 'gut feeling'.

Please contact the club and come along to an event or training day to see the breed up-close and also meet their owners before you go further, for a better understanding.

You know the saying - "A DOG IS FOR LIFE"