If you are looking for a puppy please email the secretary@korthalsgriffonclub.co.uk for news on matings and expected litters.

The Club advocates only 'KB/KB' K-Locus tested Korthals Griffons with all relevant health tests, i.e., Hip/Elbow scores being within the breed standard.  Matings should only be considered betweed dogs or bitches with hips scored with FCI hip score A (equates to 0-10 (KC) or FCI B (equates to 11-20 (KC)) - see Code of Ethics.

Please refer to our 'Breed' section and the 'Health' page for information on the importance of the K-Locus test.  You can also visit the 'Downloads' section for a breed overview and pertinent information when seeking to purchase a puppy/dog.

You can also contact the Club for help and guidance once you have a puppy - we are here to help all new owners.