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This is a POSITION STATEMENT from this club concerning the 'colour of coat' anomaly found in some Korthals Griffons and their pedigree bloodlines.

The Korthals Griffon is by design a 'rough coated versatile hunting dog'. But due to something as yet unconfirmed/unknown, the pedigree of this breed appears to have been compromised by the 'yellow/tan' colour (tan point, Marqués de fauve, quatr' oeillé) anomaly within the make up of its twin coat. We know this because the 'original' breed standard (and our own Kennel Club standard) does not indicate these colours or pattern. Korthals Griffon bloodlines/pedigree's, having undergone a simple and painless DNA K-Locus/Colour of Coat test, will test for the 'y' indicator (simplified, y for yellow) and this will show as KB/ky (carriers of yellow/tan) or ky/ky (carrier and displaying yellow/tan markings). The preferred result is KB/KB (not carrying or showing the yellow/tan). Examples found with either colour coat combination of KB/ky or ky/ky, by definition, are propagators of the yellow/tan within the limited Korthals Griffon breed here. This club advocates DNA colour of coat testing on ALL Korthals Griffons and only those tested as KB/KB Sire + KB/KB Dam being considered ideal candidates for reproduction (being clear of yellow/tan as is possible). Offspring or dogs found to have tested as carrying 'ky' should have Breeding restrictions imposed to prevent the continuation of the yellow/tan colour, particularly in the United Kingdom's breed population, effectively preventing dogs with yellow - tan patterns or markings being produced. All the Korthals Griffons registered with the Kennel Club will be wonderful, keen and eager dogs; ideal for hunting and still maintaining their admirable working senses and loving nature we have come to know from this breed.

This club encourages and recommends all Korthals Griffon breeders to obtain & offer DNA colour of coat/K-Locus test results to prospective puppy buyers and for breeders to impose breeding restrictions where necessary. It is also essential to note that Sires should be sought from outside of the United Kingdom and these also having been colour of coat/K-Locus tested and NOT showing as 'ky'.

This breed club has taken these steps in an attempt to 'protect' the breed here in the United Kingdom for future generations and owners. The club offers experienced breeding advisors to all UK Korthals Griffon breeders in finding an ideal mating; there is a charge for non Korthals Griffon Club GB members.

Information on Genetics and the Colour of Coat test:

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Sheila Schmutz - Genetics of Coat colour and type in dog

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The Korthals Griffon is, in general a very healthy breed, often reaching 14 years of age. Because it was designed and bred for use as a working/hunting companion, the breed has good bone - joint structure and strength. Korthals Griffon's that were not structurally healthy and 'sound' were not, and are not used for qualified breeding. There are no serious health problems that are known or suspected relating to the breed. In most cases the incidence levels of any major ailment are extremely low. The key issue for any dog is it's breeding and pedigree.

Please seek advice before purchasing/importing a puppy or young dog; care should be taken to ask breeders for hip/elbow dysplasia scores (lower is better), health tests, and any problems, issues or congenital faults found in previous litters. Puppies/dogs are best sought from qualified conscientious breeders at home or abroad, furthering the good health and robustness of the breed. As always … check the pedigree and the breeder - Ask Questions!

This club can offer objective help, education and advice regarding health & genetics specific to the Korthals Griffon here in the UK.

Always seek qualified & professional advice on any health or welfare issue.

Contact us to request help or guidance on the above topics